Snowboarding first appeared in the Winter Universiade programme as a demonstration sport in 1995. This discipline is now an integral part of the games, a fact not least appreciated by the strong Swiss Squad.

The success story of Universiade Snowboarding started at the event in Jaca, Spain, in 1995. At that time it was a demonstration sport, but quickly became part of the permanent programme – to the delight of the successful Swiss teams. The alpine events of Slalom and Giant Slalom were held initially, with the first freestyle discipline appearing in 1999. A choice of Halfpipe, Snowboard Cross, Slopestyle and Big Air events is now offered. In central Switzerland, in addition to the classic disciplines of slalom and giant slalom, the freestyle disciplines of slopestyle and big air will be contested for medals.

Olympic Champions from Switzerland

Both the Olympic Giant Slalom champions Patrizia Kummer and Daniela Meuli know the Universiade well, as does the Olympic champion from 2018 Nevin Galmarini: they have all stood on the podium at this unique event. Patrizia Kummer achieved her ambition at the third attempt, and in grand style: after placing seventh and fourth, she won in 2015 at the Universiade in Granada, Spain. Apart from the sporting success, this athlete values the Universiade atmosphere. As the age limit now prevents her from competing, she became Head of the Snowboard Section for the Swiss team.

Competition Programme
Parallel Giant Slalom
Parallel Slalom
Big Air

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International: International Ski Federation


Snowboard experts start in the largest summer and winter holiday paradise in Central Switzerland.

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