The Winter Universiade is the largest winter multisport event after the Winter Olympics. 2021 this unique event will take place in Central Switzerland. The organisation is a joint project between the six cantons of Central Switzerland.

The 30th Winter Universiade 2021 will take place from the 21 to 31 of January in Central Switzerland. The Universiade is the largest multi-sport winter event in the world after the Winter Olympics. Universiades combine high-level competitive sport with educational aspects and cultural events. University and polytechnic students between the ages of 17 and 25 are eligible to enter.

Central Switzerland is looking forward to welcome many people from around the world. Besides the athletes and the team officials, there will be guests and media representatives as well as international technical delegates and officials.



FISU Family


Media Professionals

Team Officials

9 sports, 7 venues

The Winter Universiade programme consists of nine different sport disciplines: The ice sports Curling, Ice Hockey, Figure Skating and Short Track Speed Skating as well as the snow sports Alpine Skiing, Snowboard, Biathlon, Cross-Country Skiing and Freestyle Skiing. The various sports events will be conduct at seven different venues.

Volunteers wanted

More than 3000 helpers will be in action in Central Switzerland.

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«Hospitality has a long tradition in Lucerne. We are looking for- ward to welcoming our young guests from all over the world.»

City Major Beat Züsli, City of Lucerne


«The Universiade atmosphere is unique. Even better, on my third and nal run I won the gold medal. Unfortunately the age limit now p»

Patricia Kummer, Universiade and Olympic Snowboard gold medallist and master student at the University of Bern


«Competitive sport, combined with a good education, is an excellent basis for a business career.»

Urs Rohner, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Credit Suisse


«The Winter Universiade 2021 is further proof of the good working relationship between the six cantons of Central Switzerland.»

Othmar Filliger, Nidwalden Cantonal Council Member


«Reporting during the Winter Universiade will increase awareness of the region as a winter sport destination.»

Marcel Perren, Lucerne Director of Tourism


«Our objective is a further increase in the global reach of Winter Universiades on TV and Social Media.»

Oleg Matytsin, President of FISU


«We support the Winter Universiade 2021. Today's top athletes are tomorrow's leaders of commerce and society.»

Dr. Rolf Dörig, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Adecco Group


«Today‘s stars. Tomorrow‘s leaders. Sport has given me the basis of my professional career. »

Corinne Schmidhauser, World Cup and Universiade Alpine Ski gold medallist, lawyer


«Central Switzerland is a winter sports paradise. Thanks to the Winter Universiade, this will soon be known all over the world.»

Niklaus Bleiker, former State Council of Canton Obwalden


«The Winter Universiade in Central Switzerland is a Winter Universiade in the cradle of winter sports.»

Beat Jörg, State Council of Canton Uri


«We are promoting sport and education in Central Switzerland. The Winter Universiade is an excellent opportunity to do so.»

Guido Graf, Lucerne Cantonal Council Member


«The Winter Universiade is an important step for young people in the course of a successful career.»

Beat Villiger, State Council of Canton Zug


«The Winter Universiade offers a platform for Central Switzerland to be positioned as an outstanding winter sports destination.»

Andreas Barraud, State Council of Canton Schwyz