Donor programme

Donors support young people combining top-level sport and studies.

A perfect run, a successful triple axel, a decisive final sprint – these are the magic moments that decide between victory or defeat in sport. Donors can create the ideal conditions for many moments like these with an annual contribution of CHF 2021 over the coming three years.

The beneficiaries of these contributions will be young people combining top-level sport and studies. They are proving their special abilities, and will become tomorrow’s leaders of commerce and society. Donors will benefit from:

  1. Exciting new contacts in commerce, society and sport
  2. Invitations to networking events before and during the Universiade
  3. A mention on the event website and on the donors’ plaque in the Universiade Park
  4. Sticker and electronic stamp ”Donor Winter Universiade 2021”
  5. Subscription to a newsletter with project information
  6. Contributions are generally tax-deductible


Donatoren Flyer

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Anmeldeformular Donator/in

Donors at a glance

The Winter Universiade 2021 team would like to thank all donors who are supporting the event with an annual contribution.

Our donors