Top-class sport and academic studies

The legacy in terms of sport will focus on the objective of further improving the conditions for combining top-class sport and academic studies in Switzerland.

Swiss University Sports, together with Swiss Olympic, is making great efforts to ensure that young people in Switzerland do not have to choose between top-class sport and studying but can combine both. Those who manage two careers at the same time acquire skills that are crucial for success in both, sport and professional life. "Today's stars, tomorrow's leaders" is the motto of Swiss University Sports. Initiatives focus on increasing the flexibility of study programmes, optimise advice or raise awareness of the concept of "dual careers" among professional associations.


Presentation on the topic of «Dual careers»

During the Winter Universiade 2021, the FISU World Conference with renowned speakers from Switzerland and all over the world should have taken place. Due to the cancellation of the event, the conference was not held in Lucerne as planned, but as a webinar. Prof. Dr. Paul Wyllemann presented on the topic of "Dual careers". Dr Wylleman is a professor at Vrije Universiteit Brussel, where he teaches sport psychology and is Head of the university’s Elite Sport and Study department. Dr Wylleman also serves as the team psychologist for the Dutch Olympic team – most recently at the 2020 Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo.

When three former Winter Universiade participants meet for a chat, exciting stories and entertaining anecdotes come to light. When the trio is joined by two ice hockey players who successfully combine top-class sport and study, the talk is like a class reunion. Selina Gasparin, Nevin Galmarini, Sarah van Berkel-Meier, Leonardo Genoni and Timo Helbling talked about their experiences at the Winter Universiades and their balancing act between a top sports career and studies.