Infrastructure Projects

The Winter Universiade will ultimately be remembered in sporting history as an event for which no new infrastructures had to be built: all competitions would have taken place in existing facilities and infrastructures. For this reason, Lenzerheide, a venue outside Central Switzerland, was chosen for the Biathlon and Ski Orienteering competitions. A few minor improvements to the infrastructure will ultimately be available to all participating athletes and will remain available for use in the future as well.

Slopes in Andermatt-Realp

Important sections of the slopes in Andermatt-Realp were re-laid and homologated by the FIS in summer 2020. The infrastructure now meets the requirements of modern cross-country events. This means that the Urserental will be able to host national and international competitions in future, while also strengthening the area as a regional and national performance centre. After successfully staging the 2020 Swiss Championships, first applications were submitted to host a number of international events. The Winter Universiade 2021 should have been the first will of hopefully many international events to take place in Andermatt. In the meantime Switzerland has selected Andermatt as the host venue for Nordic events as part of its bid to host the Military World Winter Games 2025, among other events.

Project to promote young talent on the Stoos

On the Stoos, the future stars of Swiss skiing can also benefit from the Winter Universiade 2021, as the facilities on the Maggiweid ski lift were improved in summer 2020, representing a sustainable improvement to the training infrastructure available to the Swiss skiers of the future. The soil required for the improvements of the slope could be re-used directly from the excavation of the Stoos Lodge, which is currently being built at the base of the slope. In addition, new lighting was installed so that local skiing talents can use the Maggiweid for training or competitions after school. In this respect, the expansion of the Maggiweid ski lift on the Stoos represents an important and sustainable training development project for Switzerland as the current top nation for skiing.

The Franz-Heinzer-Piste was also optimised as part of the improvements, with enhanced run-off areas and the terrain being levelled off on the piste. In recent years, the Franz-Heinzer Piste has consistently required a lot of snow to be suitable for competition. These modifications mean that it now needs less snow, whether natural or artificial, meaning that less energy is required to bring the piste up to competition standards. In addition, fairness is increased for future competitions. The leveling enables an even snow build-up on the slope.

Improvements in the Sursee Ice Center

Thanks to the Winter Universiade, two modifications have been made to Sursee Ice Center that will now greatly benefit the clubs and all users. An additional cloakroom has been built and the lighting has been replaced. LED lights now provide the centre with brighter lighting, whilst also reducing energy consumption.

New bucket seats for the Regional Ice Centre in Lucerne

In preparation for the Winteruniversiade, the grandstand at the Regional Ice Centre Lucerne has been equipped with bucket seats. A total of 1,000 seats have been installed permanently. Spectators at the Swiss Figure Skating Championships that took place on 28-29 November 2021 were already able to enjoy the new seats.