Winter sports are a deeply rooted tradition in Switzerland. Events will be held in ten disciplines at the 30th Winter Universiade. Athletes from more than 50 countries will compete.

Winter sports have a long tradition in Switzerland. As early as 1900, daring pioneers from throughout Europe met in Central Switzerland to indulge their passion for skiing. This tradition continues today. In addition to the prestige international events such as the Lauberhorn DownhillSpengler Cup or the Engadin Ski Marathon, local events are held for all ages and abilities. Consequently, Switzerland has many experts with extensive experience of winter sports event organisation. Due to the existing first-class infrastructure, all venues are easily accessible by personal or public transport.

From the 21st to the 31st January 2021 the Winter Universiade will include competitions in ten winter sport disciplines. Students aged between 17 and 25 are eligible to enter. Students from a total of over 540 universities and polytechnics from 50 countries will take part. The teams are selected by their own national university sports federations.

Competition Schedule

Information on all disciplines and competition formats can be found in the schedule. Subject to change.
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More than 50 nations have competed in Winter Universiades. The most successful country to date is Russia with a total of 166 gold medals, followed by South Korea.
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